Four in a square

Connect 4 diehards 3D

You played four in a row?
Learned all the tricks?
You are unbeatable?
Then this evolution of four in a row
will take you to the next level!

One additional rule.
6 more fields to play.
Advanced strategies.
Unlimited fun!

Have a look at
four in a square!

Four in a square - Connect 4 diehards 3D

Main Features

- All new four in a row experience.
- Artificial intelligence opponents
  from easy to really hard.
- Play sets against others with 1-5 wins.
- Awesome 3D interface.
- Beautiful animations.
- Easy to learn, but hard to master.
- Liquid history to watch
  all your games again and again.
- Easy rules with helpful images.
- Set app icon to the player color.
  32 icons to choose from
- Show all possible moves on demand.
- Shake your device to undo moves.
- 16 player colors to choose from.
- Dark mode and light mode.
- Different ways to play your stones.
- Resume games after coming back.
- No Ads, no InApp Purchases!
- Universal app works with iPhone/iPad and iPod!
- Advance now!

Game modes and colors

2 player pass and play: Give the device to your opponent after your move.

2 player face to face: See your oponent in the eye and put the bord in between.

Artificial intelligence: Play against the brain in your device in one of 5 difficulties.

Touch on the player symbol to change it's color (touch on the icon to change it on home screen)
Touch on the opponent symbol to change it's' color.

Color mode

You don't like the dark background?
Change it!

Moving history

Replays all your played games.
Touch a history preview to see all of your moves, the good and the bad.


Did you found a bug?
Do you have feature request?

Send me a mail, please!


learn more about the rules

Rules of 4 in a Square

Make a sequence of at least 4 succeeding stones:



or diagonally!

The stones can be thrown in, from the edge (highlighted) of the board.

They are stopping at the next barrier (other stone, board center or edge).

If the player knows where the throw ends, it can touch there directly.
To see wich moves are possible, touch the center. Lift finger in center to hide them.


Shake your device to undo moves.


Choose how many sets a player has to win.

The game ends after one player
won all needed sets.


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Four in a square - Connect 4 diehards 3D
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